Back To School. Friend or Enemy? (episode #2)

Hello and welcome back to our In Down-Town school podcasts. Listen to our podcasts and improve your English! Last week we started talking about going back to school and how our In Down-Town teachers felt about teachers and family members that influenced them during their school years. This week we look at friends that enhanced the lives of our teachers and bullies that may have made their lives difficult. School can be tricky that way. On the one hand it can be a place that children and teens look forward to going to because of their friends but on the other hand it can also be a place children dread going to because of unpleasant individuals who harass them. School should in theory provide a sanctuary from home, where children can develop their personalities and learn to socialize with the outside world. Often the experience is good. Few of us do not have a fond memory of a friend or friends who made us happy, contributed one way or another to our wellbeing and who gave us the chance develop into who we become. However, for others, school may have been a source of anguish and many of us also remember someone who made our life hell.

So hell or paradise, what was your experience of other children and teens when you were at school?

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