Back To School (episode #1)

Hello and welcome to In Down-Town school podcasts. Listen to our podcasts and improve your English! We cover topics related to the school In Down-Town and our conversation club Listen Twice. This week we will talk about going back to school. September and October are probably the most difficult months for schoolchildren and their parents. Both children and parent are often still in a summer mood, often the weather still feels like summer and students and teachers alike might prefer to still be on holiday. Students also face the challenge of having to remember what they learned before the holidays. In this podcast, we decided to ask teachers about their back-to-school experiences. In a first part, we wanted to know about teachers who might have influenced them when they were younger. We ask our teachers who influenced them? Who had an impact on them? Who do they remember from their school years and why?  

September 22, 2023

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