Poems by the students of the 5th course of English language department, Language School In Down-Town

Sofia Üksiratsa


What a breathtaking view!

Everything is made in detail

This view is picturesque

and seems endless.

Crystal clear water

is like a mirror

On the background, there is a foggy mount

and so many flowers that I cannot count

Ancient and unique bridges

are charming;

Fertile, tall ridges

are calming.

This little valley

Takes my breath away.

It is so lovely

I wish to forever stay.

Artjoms Pavlovs

When I look at the pink sakura leaves I can’t blink,

Such beautiful mountains and infinite sky

can’t make me lie.

You’re the one whose glance keeps me alive.

Deep meaning of my pointless dreams

Try to overpower me

But I am still fighting

If only I could turn back time to

those old carefree and happy days.

When we were together always.

Martin Trebunski

In an enormous gorge,

Behind a wall of fog,

By a river waterfall,

A city sits on the fertile soil

That grows cherry trees.

In the dream-like world

A peaceful stillness reigns.

A slow river flows

Showing us the sound of silence

And the peaceful existence

That is before us.

Lisa Osokina

My dear friend,

Have you ever noticed

the beauty that the landscapes possess?

Look! The birds are chirping

and the leaves are falling

Making the scene seems endless.

Can you, my dear, feel the tranquility vibes

the landscape evokes?

Seems like you can’t,

but never you mind,

Looks like the time has come to an end.

May 24, 2020

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