Poems by the students of the 4th course of English Language department, language School In Down Town

Eva Litvinova group 405

Castle in the forest among the mountains   

Cold and rainy weather, cliffs,

Forest with coniferous trees,

Wooden castle among the mountains

This is truly a masterpiece!

Clouds and mist and waterfall

And the calming wind of fall.

Look how beautiful it is

This is truly a masterpiece!

Here’s the place where peace is found,

Beauty is everywhere around!

I can stay here all life long

It’s the place, where i belong!

Vladislav Konjushenko 405

The opposition of light and darkness

Dark and sun.

One bower down.

Magical place of me around,

This palace is our town.

Clouds up, steam in down.

Light inside your darkness.

Shiny sun and dark clouds.

It is all this picture about.

Waterfalls around me,

I’m in castle.

Look at me.

Shining eyes, trees background.

Now i see a view of dreams.

Unforgettable attempt.

Maria Rogotskaja, 401

Castle among forest

Extremely valuable painting,

tells you an old story.

It’s more than just a myth,

Or a colorful belief.

Here you can meet beautiful fairies,

whose home is a dark forest.

They dance with waterfalls all day,

watching hounds who protect the castle.

Here you have no gods

They all gone long time ago.

You’re only true king here,

unless the night grows cold.

Don’t trust astonishing shining

many heroes died here.

And when you watch castle,

Beware of the dark forest.

Beata Kotilevits 401

As I walk through these landscapes

From a land long ago

My fantasy dreams

Went so natural though

If these walls could talk

Then the stories they could tell

Would surely go wildly away

There the castle sits in all its mystery

Framed by mountains and clouds

And overhead a strange sunset

Is trying to break through the misty clouds

Tolbin Sergei 403


In the edge of eternity,

Where human has never been,

Is standing abandoned castle

Which no one has ever seen.

Running waterfalls,

It’s all that surrounding him.

Mysterious fog envelops him

And sinister thunders far ahead

Are telling to abandon your hopes.

Marija Mitjakina 403

Mysterious castle at the waterfall”

Among the high mountains and dark forest

Where a great waterfall flows into a river

There is an ancient castle built in …

Gothic style

Outside it seems dangerous and scary

But you can also find magic in it

He is mysterious …

And he has his own long story

Right next to it you can see a beautiful bridge

And going through it you will notice the arbor

According to legends, lovers met here

To stay together forever

And what about the high tower going into the cloudy sky?

The most beautiful views open from there

There is rarely sun and often dark

But it makes this place special

Dimitri Sazanov 407

“Waterfalls are waiting for me”

Life is a ship,

And me, as the captain of it,

Who isn’t afraid of a shipwreck,

Who tries to reach this mystical world.

I really would like

To have a stop in this big village,

Surrounded by these gloomy mountains,

But very bright lights.

I want to escape

Storm that is coming for me,

These full of sadness clouds

And enormous, melancholic bridges

I can’t even say

What I really want in my heavy life

But one thing I know for sure

Waterfalls are waiting for me.

Nikita Plotnikov 407

“Сastle of glass”

It was a beautiful place

But now they are leaving.

Everyone on his own pace.

I am left here alone, screaming.

This is a terrible castle,

Full of my sins and vices.

There are my thoughts of the saddest.

Full of my personal crisis.

I knew that this castle of glass

Sometime will be broken.

I knew that this castle of vice

Will be my own coffin.

All of my friends are kicked out

Out of this cursed landmass.

So it is the right time now

To destroy this castle of glass.

Katja Zasienko 407

Miracle or drowning fantasy

I have been traveling for all my life

To find a beautiful place

A fantastic world

A Heaven down to earth

I lost all hope

I lived my life in vain

I didn’t find myself

I was broken

I climbed a mountain

And saw a magnificent castle

Hidden in the mountains

And gold flows from the mountains

I found what I was looking for

It’s a miracle of god

But suddenly a sharp pain pierced my head

And my eyes closed forever

Maksim Druntsenko 404 group

The castle is destroyed, the walls are torn down

But there was hope for them,

And, before the formidable towers, a miserable sight

It will no longer frighten the enemy, as before.

From the knights there is only dust left

Rusted swords and armor

Their masters have been sleeping in the land for a long time,

On a stone without even leaving a date…

And there was a time – among these walls

Life sounded, there was a whole castle,

And the knights came to the tournament

To shed blood for the honor of a beautiful lady.

Was a fortress, protection from enemies,

But he became unnecessary and forgotten, alas,

And under the heavy blows of centuries

The castle is destroyed, the walls are torn down…

May 24, 2020

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