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Every year on December 5th  the world celebrates the International day of the volunteer. Volunteers are people who are ready to dedicate their time, share their knowledge and experience with the ones who need it, whether it is a social, cultural or educational sphere.

The language School ​​In Down-Town has a big experience of working with volunteers. Each year, in the frame of  Conversational Club “Listen Twice” project, school hosts volunteers from different parts of the world who come to share their culture, traditions, practice foreign languages with students and gain something new for themselves.

This year,  a volunteer from Kenya Yvonne joined the School. Already a month Yvonne spends her days in School and prepares  Saturday club sessions for children. This is not the first experience of  working with children and teenagers for Yvonne. Last year, she worked in orphanages in Nairobi and helped teachers to make  children’s everyday life more exciting and organize interesting events for them. “I really love working with children, and as soon as I had the opportunity- time, I decided not to waste it at home, but try to help children in orphanages and be useful,”  mentions Yvonne .


First impressions

“There was a very large selection of volunteering projects abroad: in Canada, in France, Australia. But Estonia caught my  attention, because I had never ever heard of this country before“, says Yvonne a little embarrassed. Yvonne describes the first week in Estonia as a cultural shock: climate change, a big difference in people’s behavior and an unknown language. “In Africa, we say “ Hello” to each other on the street, without even knowing each other. It shows respect towards the person. Unfortunately, here there is no such thing, and I really miss it. ”But working with children in the Club helped her to quickly adapt to such a new and incomprehensible environment . “I just really love kids! Working with them motivates me, even though sometimes we do not understand each other, we still communicate, and I feel their support. ”According to Yvonne, she has loved children right from  her own childhood, as she had been spending a lot of time with  her little sister while her parents were working. It was then, that, according to her, she started to feel responsible for her actions and a desire to become the best example for her sister and others.

Work with children

Speaking about everyday work, Yvonne notes that she likes everything. Conversational Club ¨Listen Twice¨ has 3 different groups for students where they can practice their English language skills, use their creativity in different art projects, meet new friends and have fun. The club has 3 groups for students of different ages: Handicrafts Club (9-13 years old kids) , Performing Arts Club ( 14-16 years  old teenagers)  and Micro Media Club (17-19 years old young adults) . Yvonne admits that most of all she likes working with the first and the second groups. “I love to do crafts, and in the second Club I can use my dancing skills and share my experience with students”,- notes Yvonne.



“I want to extract something useful from every minute spent here. Both from work in the Club, and from everyday discussions with my coordinator. I am sure that all this will give its result in the end, and I will still be able to use those skills in the future. Here I saw completely new methods of working with children. And I really want to share this in my country”, notes Yvonne. She adds with confidence that she will continue her volunteering activities in Africa.

For those who are interested in exotic Africa …

From the middle of January, Yvonne will host an African Cultural Cafe at “In Down-Town“  language School. Within 4 weeks, everyone will be able to get acquainted with the culture of Kenya, learn Swahili language, explore traditions of the Masai tribe, participate in African handicrafts workshop and explore unknown facts about Kenya. You can join event here.

The language School ​​In Down Town congratulates all volunteers with this wonderful day and wishes them all the best! “Its cool to be a volunteer, and if you have  any possibility to do a good thing, just do it !“- adds Yvonne.

December 19, 2018

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