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The 5th of December is the worldwide International Volunteer Day. The Language school “In Down-Town” was privileged to host volunteers from all over the world during last 26 years. Today we want to say thank you to all the volunteers who had ever participated in our multicultural educational projects, summer camps, Conversational club sessions and other special events.

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You made it much more interesting and exiting by being such a huge part of our work. You shared with us your traditions and customs, your experiences and knowledge! Always remember, that students who spent time with you in our school are always grateful to you for your time and effort. On this special day some of our students wrote letters to their volunteers who has become real friends for them. We are posting some of those letters.

Student: Daria Timina

Letter to volunteers Mane Margaryan and Mery Gharsoyan (Armenia)

“Hi 🙂 In this letter I want thank really good people! People which became extremely important for me! Of course I am talking about Mery and Mane! You don’t even think how your life can change because of one or two people! Everything began in  In Down- Town summer camp this year.  It was my first camp so I was a bit afraid. After the first day I understood that all volunteers are nice and friendly! After 5-6 days I already had my favorite volunteers! After 7-8 days I was sure, who are they! To be a volunteer is really hard work. But you did it well! I have never meet such friendly, helpful, kind and generous people like you before! I want to say thank for everything you have done for me: all dances, all jokes, all emotions I’ve lived with you. I enjoyed spending time with you, you are always in my heart! Happy volunteer’s day!

Lots of love, #BigMaMa»


Student: Alissa Vorobyova

Letter to volunteer Elia Journet (Catalonia)

Dear Elia, I am writing to you from Estonia. Autumn here has been nice, but busy. I am still taking English classes wih Dasha #bigmama and going to school, so ordinary days. Its been a long time, since I wrote to you. How is your life? How is your Health? Hope all is good.  I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wish you love, money, friends and happiness in this coming year. Finally I am always waiting to meet you and spend time together. I hope that you will come here again.

With best wishes, Alice


Student: Daniel Kobozev

Letter to volunteer: Joon (Korea)

Hello Yoon,

Last night I couldn’t fell asleep. I started thinking about all the things that happened to me this year. And the first thing which came into my mind was summer camp. It was really fun! I think that children loved the camp. But volunteers… I know that working as a volunteer is very hard. You need to watch after everyone and at the same time you need to be relaxed and active. I guess at the end of a day each of you was exhausted. But you… You had a stiff upper lip about it. I enjoyed talking with you all time! You were so cool and positive.

On the 5th of December the world celebrates International day of the volunteer. So, I would like to congratulate the best volunteer with this special day! After 10th grade I would like to be volunteer also. I wish I’ll come to South Korea and will see you for a second. Just a second. You are really an amazing person.

By the way, how is in Korea? Here, in Tallinn, we have a funny weather. Month ago snow fell. Everything was white. I even made a snowman. But on the next day snow melted and my handsome snowman died. One week later happened the same. I was happy, I made another snowman and guess what? The whole snowman disappeared. Next time I just gave up. I don’t understand, what does our weather want?

And again, you’re the best. Always in my heart.



December 5, 2017

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