Задание № 3

Дорогие участники игры Шерлока Холмса, ниже представлено третье задание. Вы должны найти подсказки в школе и ответить на 3 вопроса в задании ( a, b, c). 



James Chivers, an old school friend from Sherlock Holmes, arrives from Switzerland with a fine Swiss pocket watch as a present for the famous detective. Chivers, Watson and Holmes are about to leave for the Theatre, where violin genius Alfredo Fetuccini is going to perform. It is well known that Holmes is an enthusiastic violinist, so Theatre director Sir Charles Higgenbottom has asked Holmes to perform together with Fetuccini.  Whilst they are waiting for their taxi, Inspector Lestrade arrives with very bad news. The Chameleon, a master of disguise (мастер маскировки), has gone away from prison. It was Holmes who originally captured the Chameleon and the criminal swore revenge on this the first anniversary of his capture.

Fearing for his friend’s life, Watson tries to persuade Holmes against going to the concert, but Holmes won’t listen.

At the Theatre, Mrs Clara Leslie, a very rich contributor of the Arts, presents Holmes with a specially made floral buttonhole Петля) . Taxi driver, Alfred Parkes, is retained to take the party home after the concert.

Watson visits the toilet and returns with a sudden attack of cough, blaming it on his nervousness concerning the Chameleon. Sir Charles Higgenbottom personally takes Holmes and his party to their balcony seats and Holmes notices that Sir Charles is extraordinarily pale.

The Chameleon has indeed though of a plan which involves a deathly surprise for the master detective. In order to stop the Chameleon’s plan, Holmes must find out

  1. a) what the surprise is
  2. b) where the surprise is hidden
  3. c) unmask the Chameleon.
January 5, 2017

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