Задание № 2

Дорогие участники игры Шерлока Холмса, ниже представлено второе задание. Вы должны найти подсказки в школе и ответить на 3 вопроса в задании ( a, b, c). 

                         CASE NO. 2  


Yesterday morning, the famous ‘horse’, Silver Patch and his trainer Oscar Switt, were found dead in the horse’s place a Cosgrove Stables. The horse had been poisoned and the trainer had been hit over the head and stabbed repeatedly with a sharp object. Silver Patch, so named for the patch of silver hair on his head, was owned by Sir Reginald Cosgrove, an owner who also had  four of other horses.

Persons often questioned by Inspector Gregson of Politsei include Sir Reginald Cosgrove and his small wife, Hilda Cosgrove; the Cosgrove Cook, Mrs Maggie Doan, Mrs Doan’s husband, house painter Henry Doan and competitor horse owner Sir Archibald Baxter. Politsei is also looking for one Bobby Jansen, a strong boy who left the Cosgrove’s employ unhappily about a month ago.

The only hints discovered at the scene of the crime were some broken pieces of glass from the bottom of a beer bottle, and a pawnbroker’s ticket. Unable to develop a strong case, Inspector Gregson has come to 221B Baker Street to ask for advice to the master detective. Gregson wants to know:

a) who killed the horse and the trainer

b) the weapon used to kill the trainer

c) the motive.

Let the game begin!


December 6, 2016

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