Задание № 1

Дорогие участники игры Шерлока Холмса, ниже представлено первое задание. Вы должны найти подсказки в школе и ответить на 3 вопроса в задании ( a, b, c). 

                                                                CASE № 1


A strange preacher had come to town, a large Bible bound in leather under his arm. Politsei is puzzled when the preacher is found stabbed to death on his balcony seat at the Theatre during a performance of Hamlet.

The Duchess of Tallcourt, who accompanied the victim to the Theatre, discovered the body upon returning from the toilet after the pause. The preacher’s Bible was gone; and on the floor nearby were a German made cigarette and a packet of aspirin.

It was common knowledge that the Duchess, previously a benefactor of the Bishop of Whittenfroth, had come to support the new preacher’s views. This greatly angered the Bishop and the Duke of Tallcourt. The Longworth Acting Troupe was performing the play; the Earl of Longworth in the lead. Longworth, a disgusting man, had been chasing after the Duchess’ daughter, Anastasia, in hopes of gaining support of this troupe affected by poverty.

Politsei wants to know a) who killed the preacher, b) the weapon, and c) the motive.

Let the game begin!


November 23, 2016

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